Star Learner


Ivoh Y6

Congratulations to Ivoh, who has been chosen as Star Learner, for writing a superb letter which recounted his experiences during Entrepreneur Week. His smoothie making business was a roaring success and helped to raise nearly £120 for his group's chosen charity - Well done super star.


We are lucky to have such delightful, friendly and energetic children at our school where their learning is at the heart of all our actions, thoughts and deeds. But don’t just take our word for it.

At the end of an Ofsted inspection the Lead Inspector writes a letter to the pupils of the school. The following is an extract written to our children and it sums up very clearly the most important aspects involving the children at Paulton Junior School. ‘Your outstanding school is very special and you are rightly proud to attend it.

These are the most important things to say about your school;

There is a good spirit in the school. You enjoy going to school, get on well with the teachers and take part in everything with energy and enthusiasm.You are well behaved, friendly and play well together.You work hard in lessons and are increasingly confident to stick at it when you find work difficult, to take control of your own learning, and to find things out for yourselves.Your teachers make lessons interesting and fun, and provide lots of interesting things for you to learn.There is a fantastic range of clubs to join in.The school takes very good care of you and the support given to those of you who need most help is excellent.Your headteacher and all the staff have worked very successfully to make your school one of the best!