Star Learner


Harley from 4R

Congratulations to Harley who was chosen as Star Learner this week because he has already been sent to my office to share his good work and he topped off the week by earning a Good Work Certificate. And we have only been back at school for three days. Wow!


Maths Evening- THANK YOU!

Thank You to everyone who attended the Maths Evening on  Thursday 8th March. 
It was a great success. 
It was an opportunity to try a Maths lesson and find out about how your child learns methods of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication including solving problems with decimals and fractions.
” I had great fun playing the times table games ; it was definitely worthwhile, ” Year 4 parent. 
In Year 6, the teachers  provided  information about and preparation for  SATs Week which is from
 14th– 17th May 2018.
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