Star Learner


Jakub from Year 4

Jakub has been chosen as Star Learner because he demonstrates a wonderful learning attitude. He has tried so hard recently and has been sent to show Mr Grosvenor his incredible work on five occasions already this year. He amazed everyone when he could translate a poem written in French, firstly, into English and then into Polish. What a linguist!



This week, we have a really good discussion about the subjects and topics we do at Paulton Juniors… and that EVERYBODY loves The Jungle Book!

Last week ended up being a bit unusual and was sooooooo exciting we just had to tell you all about it!

This week, we talk about all the different clubs and activities we do in school and out of school

The podcast is back for 2019!!!

Our brand new crew, steered by Mrs. Squires, introduce ourselves,talk about the Christmas holidays and investigate exactly what podcasting is. Enjoy!!!!

It’s the last P-P-P-Podcast of this academic year (awwwwwww) so we look back and think about what you need to be a top-notch podcaster and how YOU can join the fun next year!

In today’s episode we look back at Paulton’s Got Talent as well as the highs and lows of our annual Sports Day – with a very interesting debate on gender!

As you will hear, it is very exciting week at Paulton Juniors as we have Paulton’s Got Talent AND Sports Day to look forward to. I wonder who is going to win…?

It’s the start of term six and the crew reminisce about their year at Paulton Juniors. But first we get down to SERIOUS business – ice cream !

It’s the final podcast of this term and we conclude our music reviews!

In this episode we carry on our music reviews but James is in a bad mood and the girl show they love loud music!!!

In the second podcast of this term we review more songs – and most of them get a pretty positive score – what will you think…?

It’s a brand new term and a brand new crew of children – with the odd familiar voice too ! This term we’re doing something completely different – music reviews… Listen on !!!

It’s the last podcast of the term and Mrs Squires is joined by “The Two Ashtons” to talk about Mother’s Day, Easter and we update you all on what happened to the snow!

In this week’s episode Mrs Squires and Ashton mostly talk about that white stuff that covered the place last Thursday and caused World Book Day to be shortened!

In the second of this term’s P-P-P-Podcast, we talk about what we’ve been learning at school this term,  World Book Day and there is some podcast magic!

The first P-P-P-Podcast from term 4 is now here! Some new children join Mrs. Squires for podcast club!

The latest P-P-P-Podcast, and last from out current crew, is now available – with an added extra right at the very end! Enjoy!

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2019- 2- 01