Star Learner


Rosie from 4PM

A huge well done to Rosie, who has been chosen as Star Learner. She has a fantastic attitude to learning and to all aspects of school life. She is a wonderful example of the Perfect Paulton Pupil. What a smiley superstar. Congratulations Rosie!


Space v Iron Man 

Homework- Decimal addition or subtraction sheet. What are consecutive digits? 34.56   765.4  98.7  1234.567  What do you notice about these digits ?

Reading tasks can still be accessed on    Use your password to access the comprehension activities. Keep earning your points by answering the multiple choice questions.

TIMES TABLES – If youve any spare time …… Learn off by heart the 7x  8x  12x


We will be reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and basing our writing on his amazing narrative. It is full of vivid images and creates opportunities for the children to write in the style of the author. They will learn how to identify and write using figurative language; becoming familiar with the terms metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration, onomatopoeia and personification. In addition, they will explore aspects of an author’s style by comparing themes, settings and characters as well as review conventions of dialogue: what it reveals about plot or character. They will write descriptions of the Iron Man, Space Bat Angel and also a new scene for a story in the style of the author.

When reading the text, the children will be encouraged to discuss and make inferences about the author’s perspective on a particular character and choice of language. In Guided reading, the children will be reading their own book and a selected Anthology of texts to provide a range of styles. This will also be the chance to work on Grammar, Spelling and comprehension skills.

Reading at home is part of the weekly homework. It is expected that in Year 5, all children should be reading at least 3 x per week. Please complete the reading record book.

Below are links to the National Curriculum spelling lists of words, that all children are expected to spell by the end of Key Stage 2. In spelling lessons, we will be practicing these and also supporting spelling by providing strategies to learn rules or check and edit work using a dictionary.


     Year 5                   Reading Targets              Terms 3 & 4

* (Target 1)

I can identify, in detail, how a character is feeling (beyond happy or sad) using evidence from the text.


** (Target 2)

I can formulate questions based upon the text and illustrations.

*** (Target 3)

I can identify examples of figurative language and suggest alternatives.

Year 5                      Writing Targets        Terms 3 & 4

* (Target 1)

I can use similes and metaphors to create an image.

** (Target 2)

I can use personification to create an image.


*** (Target 3)

I can use a range of figurative language to create an image.



This term in Maths we will be beginning our learning by reading, writing and ordering numbers with up to 6 digits and understand the place value of each digit.  This will help us place 6-digit numbers on a number line and find numbers between.  After this we will be solving place-value additions and subtractions problems with 6-digit numbers and understand place value in decimal numbers as tenths and hundredths.  We will recap how to multiply and divide by 10/100/1000 using a place-value grid and understand place value in decimal numbers to 2-decimal places.  We will be able to place decimal numbers on a line; round two-place decimal numbers to nearest tenth and whole number and say the number a tenth or a hundredth more.  Mental addition strategies for decimals and whole numbers will also be learnt.  We will also revise finding factors of numbers along with finding squares and square roots of square numbers.  In Shape and Space we will be looking at triangles and learning the properties of equilateral, isosceles, scalene and right angle triangles.  In measure we will convert from grams to kilograms and vice versa, from millilitres to litres and vice versa, and from metres to kilometres and vice versa.  It is going to be a busy 5 weeks!


Year 5                   Maths Targets          Terms 3 & 4

* (Target 1)

I can add and subtract using

5 and 6 digit numbers.


** (Target 2)

I can add and subtract using

5 and 6 digit numbers, including missing numbers.

*** (Target 3)

I can add and subtract using

5 and 6 digit numbers, including missing numbers and decimals.


PE – Wednesday – Dance in the hall     Thursday – Netball outside

Please bring in your kit including shorts, t-shirt and appropriate footwear. If it is cold, please have warm outdoor clothing.

To infinity and beyond. In science this term we will be looking at Earth and Space. We will be finding out how we get day and night, the phases of the moon as well as the solar system. It will be a great chance for the children to ask lots of questions.

Temples will be our focus in DT which will link to humanities when the children will be researching about Ancient Maya. Can they find out where they lived and what they used the temples for?

Year 5 are going to become confident netball players in PE, being able to work as a team and choose the correct passes in different situations on the court. Dance will be linked to Space when we will create a dance routine based on a rocket through Space.

We will be learning how to order drinks in a French café in term 3. We will be recycling some of the language we used to buy ice creams in year 4 and extending it with a very useful phrase – ‘je voudrais’ – I would like. This is called a conditional tense and gets extra marks in assessments!

Mrs Rawlings, Mrs Goucher and Miss Burke