Star Learner


Sam Hawkins 5SP

Congratulations to Sam, who was chosen as Star Learner because he has worked incredibly hard to know all the flags of the world. He has also made over 120 wonderfully detailed flags. Well done Sam.

Year 5

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Please check that your child has written their spellings correctly and that their homework has been stuck in. If there are any problems, please see the photos here!




Term 1 Week 2 – In maths this week we will be practising counting on and back in steps of powers of 10 from any whole number up to 1,000,000. See how well you can do it on the following website:

In English this week, we are reading a variety of poems and looking for poetic features. Such as: rhymes, alliteration, simile, word play and repetition. Have a look at the poems on the following websites and see if you can find some examples!

Our homework this week is to answer the comprehension about Androcles and the lion. If you are stuck on question 2, think about why he might be chased. What has he done?


Welcome to Year 5! We are very excited about the year ahead; it is our aim to make sure that everyone has a fantastic year, in a safe and happy environment, and that every child takes the next steps on their learning journey.


Much of our work this term will revolve around place value. We will begin the year by making sure that we have a secure grasp on what each digit represents in numbers up to 1,000,000 as well as in numbers that include decimal places. We will then use this understanding in order to add and subtract numbers with up to 2 decimal places. Factors are really useful! We will learn how they can be used to help when multiplying and dividing. Our shape and space work will involve classifying 2D and 3D shapes and we will use a variety of graphs in order to communicate an investigation.


Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words – Edgar Allan Poe

How true! We will be starting our year by reading a variety of poems in order to unlock the beauty in our own writing. We will then immerse ourselves in oral story telling – learning how to re-tell the Greek Myth ‘Arachne’ through hand gestures. We will then use this as a starting point for writing our own Greek Myth inspired story.

As usual, we will be learning new spellings each week as well those important grammar rules. In reading we will be getting stuck in to some brilliant books!


In Science we will be learning about the properties of different materials. In Computing we will be programming our own computer game. In History, we will be finding out about life in Ancient Greece. In Art, we will be exploring bodies in motion. In Music, we will be studying the ‘All new’ Collective method. This method allows children to quickly and easily use the glockenspiel to play melodies and harmonies as part of a group as well as compose and improvise their own music – exciting! In P.E we will be learning football and gymnastics skills. In R.E. we will be learning about Islam and in P.S.H.E we will be learning about our place in the community and our subsequent responsibilities.

Joyeux  anniversaire! In French this term we will be celebrating birthdays! We will be learning the months and numbers up to 31 to be able to ask and answer questions, and to practise our writing skills we will be creating and decorating a party invitation. Did you know that French children have two birthdays? They celebrate their ‘fête’ or feast day on their saints’ day.  You could try looking for yours here;  If your name is not there, why not pick yourself  a French name?

Important information

Homework and spellings will continue to be set on a Monday and collected in/tested on Friday. Children should also be reading at home every  evening and please show your support by signing the reading record book 3 times a week.

P.E. will be on a Monday (Gymnastics) and a Thursday (Football).

Mr Hawkings and Mrs Walker



Online times tables games to help support children at home: