Star Learner


Joseph from 5B

Joseph has made a fantastic start to Year 5. He has not only produced some wonderful poetry but has already demonstrated an incredible learning attitude that will see him flourish this year. Well done Joseph and congratulations on being chosen as our first Star Learner for 2016/2017. Wow!

Year 5 – Learning like Greece Lightning

Welcome one and all to the Year 5 page.  Mr Smith and Miss Burke are really looking forward to the year ahead, and are sure that the year will be a mixture of new experiences, tough challenges and well deserved rewards.

Term 1

P.E will  be on a Wednesday and Thursday this term. On Thursdays, we will be playing tag rugby on the field, so please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing in school on these days. On Wednesday we will be playing Handball (outside) with Mrs Cowgill.

With the Summer months waning and Autumn and Winter looming, it is best that children are dressed appropriately so that they can take full advantage of the school’s grounds, whatever the weather.  With this in mind we recommend that children come to school with a coat and, if possible, a lightweight waterproof and wellies.



Perfect Paulton Pupils, playing with words like kittens with a ball of wool

In term 1 we will begin by exploring poetry, playing with word patterns and a range of poetic styles.  We will look at the works of Jeanie Kirby and Irene Rawnsley to help develop our own use of imagery, similes and metaphors to  create vivid word pictures.  We aim to inspire children to enjoy a love of the written word and have fun when playing with the English language.

We will also be investigating literature linked to our topic, Ancient Greece.  We will be honing our storytelling skills with the legend of Theseus and the Minataur, before creating our own stories born out of our own imaginary worlds.  By the end of the term we will have created an anthology of our own stories.

We will continue, as in Year 4, with weekly Spelling tests.  The spellings will be introduced on Mondays and tests will be on Friday; each child will have a copy of their spelling for the entire term in the front of their spelling book.

Children, we hope, should develop a love of books and be motivated to read as a matter of habit. We invite parents to share a book with their children and monitor their reading record.  Children are expected to read at home at least 3 times each week.

In weekly guided reading sessions, children will have the chance to showcase their reading ability to their teacher either as a 1:1 or in small focused groups. In term 1, we will be sharing stories from a number of famous authors including David Walliams and E B White.

We welcome parent helpers to assist with reading in school.  Please register your interest with your child’s class teacher.


* (Target 1)

I can understand unfamiliar words by re-reading and reading ahead to check for meanings



** (Target 2)

I can comment on the writer’s use of language for effect (adjectives similes, metaphors and personification)

*** (Target 3)

I can identify how a character feels and explain their actions that way and explain using evidence from the text.



* (Target 1)

I can carefully choose vocabulary to engage and impact the reader.

** (Target 2)

I can develop a character through action and dialogue.

(Using direct speech and adverbs)


*** (Target 3)

I can use different sentence types to add detail in order to interest the reader.

(Using sub-ordinate clauses, sentence openers etc.)


Becoming Master Mathematicians

By the onset of Year 5, children should be able to recite their times tables up to 12 x 12.  Throughout term 1 we will be reviewing the progress that the children have made and helping to correct any misconceptions and challenge them to explore the relationship between multiplication tables and real life problems. At the bottom of the page there is a list of links to maths websites to help support the learning of multiplication tables.

As the term progresses, we will explore decimal numbers, time, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will develop our understanding of these areas by solving  a range of problems; often using units of measurement to provide an authentic context.

At each stage we will explore both mental strategies and formal written methods to, over time, add to our maths toolkit.  We will also be learning how to use and apply the techniques that we have collected.

Maths is fun and we will be encouraging children to play and have fun with numbers.  Try to solve this little problem;











* (Target 1)

I can recite and recall multiplication facts to 12×12 and complete 40 club in 5 minutes or less.

** (Target 2)

I can use mental strategies for halving and doubling to solve x4,x8 questions

*** (Target 3)

I can apply my knowledge of multiplication tables to 1 and 2 step word problems.


Our History topic will be Ancient Greece. This will be a great and interesting topic for everyone where we will be exploring the history of the Olympic games, how life was different as well as looking at some of the Greek Myths.

In Science we will focus on the property of materials. We will be comparing different properties and investigating how some materials can undergo reversible and irreversible changes.

In computing we will become game developers. We will be learning different skills to be able to build up to creating our own game. Computing lessons will be bi-weekly.

We will also be making the most of our grounds as we head outdoors with our bi-weekly Forest School sessions.  Each Year 5 class will have the opportunity experience learning by taking our inspiration from the great outdoors with many adventures along the way.  Forest School sessions will be on Friday afternoons; they are all-weather sessions so waterproofs and wellies are required.

In Art we will be looking at how to convey movement in forms and figures and exploring how colour is used to create effect.

In RE we will be learning about the Islamic world view and discovering something of Muslim holy writings and the daily practices of prayer, cleanliness and charity to the poor.

Bonjour! In French we will be learning how to say our birthdays – ‘l’anniversaire de Madame Tidbury est le 14 août’; ‘l’anniversaire de Monsieur Smith est le 23 juillet’; ‘l’anniversaire de Mademoiselle Burke est le 1er juin’. Can you guess what they are? What can you work out about how French birthdays are said? We will also discover how some French children have two ‘birthdays’ and listen to a new French story, ‘Le roi tête-en-l’air’. Bon courage, mes enfants!


Homework and spellings will be set on a Monday and collected in/tested on Friday. Children should also be reading at home every  evening and please show your support by signing the reading record book 3 times a week.


Many thanks, Year 5 Teachers

Mr Smith and Miss Burke

Online times tables games to help support children at home: