Star Learner


Sophie Dowling 4S

Congratulations to Sophie, who was chosen as Star Learner because she worked so hard on her recent Science homework. She was able to confidently demonstrate her knowledge of sound through the vibrations made by her homemade 'pots and pans' drum kit. Well done Sophie.

Year 5

Welcome everyone to Term 4! The main change for this term is that there will be no swimming on a Wednesday (except for those attending booster classes) and that P.E. will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday.  We aim to be outside on a Thursday so it will be a good idea to bring warm clothing on this day.

In Year 5, we are all very excited about our camp at Mill on the Brue! 5W will  be away for Monday and Tuesday, returning on Wednesday and 5H will be away for Wednesday, Thursday and returning on Friday of week 3.


Most of our learning in English this term will be about persuasive writing and how we can best use our language in order to complain, protest, inform and persuade. We will be reasearching a range of persuasive writing, including adverts and letters, before having a go at writing our own.



* I can identify key adjectives and adverbs that describe a character and setting. ** I can identify examples of figurative language in the books I read. *** I can identify figurative language and suggest alternatives.


* I can use similes and metaphors to create an image. ** I can use personification to create an image. *** I can use a range of figurative language to create an image.



In maths we are revising strategies for multiplication and division and will be applying this to solve word problems. We will be learning about different geometric properties of shape as well as being able to use co-ordinates in the first quadrant. Later in the term we will be translating shapes and describing their positions in the first quadrant.


* I can find equivalent fractions for ½, ¼ , 1/5 and 1/10 ** I can find a fraction of an amount e.g. 2/3 of 33 = 22 *** I can convert between fractions, decimals and percentages



In Humanities we are continuing to learn about the Amazon rainforest, but focussing more on its human geography, researching the indigenous people as well as its settlements. Later in the term we will be looking at the future of the rainforest and how human actions impact upon it.

In Science we are exploring space. We will be learning about why we have night and day and how the planets and sun move in relation to each other. We will also find out why we have seasons and how eclipses come about. Later in the term we will find out about the moon and the lunar cycles as well as human discoveries and landings.

In Music we will be continuing with our own compositions based on the journey of a water droplet around the water cycle.  We will be using a combination of happy and sad sounding melodies and harmonies to create our own original song which we hope to record using garageband on the ipads.

In P.E. we are building up our core strength by completing a range of core skills activities. We will also be learning basketball skills including how to effectively pass, shoot, move and dribble with a ball.

In R.E we are learning about why certain journeys and places are important for different people and religions.

In P.S.H.E we are thinking about why it is good to be me as well as thinking about gifts and what we have to offer others.

In Computing we will be using google sketch up to put ourselves into the shoes of an architect.  We will be designing a room in an art gallery where we will be virtually exhibiting some of our own artwork.

We are using our knowledge of foods and drinks in French to express likes and dislikes – it’s an important skill to know how to do this politely.  We will create a ‘salt cellar’ to use as a learning tool for practising questions, numbers, spelling, colours and drinks.  Please have  a listen to the song we will be learning on

Homework and spellings will continue to be set on a Monday and collected in/tested on Friday. Children should also be reading at home every  evening and please show your support by signing the reading record book 3 times a week.

Mr Hawkings and Mrs Walker

Online times tables games to help support children at home: