Star Learner


Rufus from 6M

What a star we have in our midst! Congratulations to Rufus; winner of the 2018 Paulton's Got Talent. Rufus's ventriloquism act had everyone in fits of laughter. Well done also to all the competitors this year; you all made a very entertaining show full of act variety.



In Science, Year 5 will be learning about Humans and Living Things. They will be describing and identifying the changes as humans develop to old age. Pupils will draw a timeline to indicate stages in the growth and development of humans. Also, the children will research the gestation periods of other animals and comparing them with humans.

This term, we will be involved in a Design and Technology project. Everyone will need their cooking or baking skills as they will research, design, test, make and evaluate many biscuits. Packaging is also important, so creating and marketing their designs will be needed too.

”Don’t Stop Believing!” – What a song! Music lessons will be rocking to the sound of year 5 singing, composing and performing to this upbeat version of the song by Journey.

PE will be so enjoyable as we will be refining our tennis skills and also learning how to play Kwik Cricket. As it is Sports Day this term, everyone will be practicing athletics.

In Geography we continue to learn about the rainforests, however debating and creating a pupil voice about the environmental impact of deforestation and climate change will be a focus.




We will be taking to the stage this term, beginning to look at and recognise the impact of theatrical effects in drama!  We will look at different radio comedy and compare how writers use different structure to create impact.  Scripts and their structure will be recapped and in groups we will plan a script with dialogue.
Further into the term, we will watch a short film and discuss the themes and features that it explores, how has the film maker to create moods, pace and viewpoint.  The children will develop a story board for the narrative by capturing and importing key images.  The main characters will be investigated and how they are feeling.  We will have a growing understanding of characters and how they change through the film.

In spelling lessons, we will be practicing  and  supporting spelling by providing strategies to learn rules or check and edit work using a dictionary.Below are links to the National Curriculum spelling lists of words, that all children are expected to spell by the end of Key Stage 2.


     Year 5                   Reading Targets              Terms 


I can distinguish between statements of fact and opinion.


I can participate in discussions about books building on my own and others’ ideas.



I can provide reasoned justifications for my opinion.

Year 5                      Writing Targets        Terms


I can write sentences


a relative clause.


I can write sentences using a subordinate


embedded clause using ,,- -( )


I can use a

semi -colon to join clauses.

Math Targets 


I can solve

addition multi-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use.


I can solve subtraction multi-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use.


I can use multiplication and division to solve problems involving measure [length, mass, volume] using decimal notation.


Fractions and decimals will also be covered again, however the children will begin to use them in relation to percentages and use them to work out percentages of amounts.

Keep using Maths Factor and Active learn for extra Maths practice.

TIMES TABLES –  Learn off by heart, all the times tables and related division facts ready

Use the website links on School website -Parent – Help with Maths.

Year 5                   Maths Targets          Terms 



PE – Tennis  or  Cricket outside      Thursday – Athletics

Please bring in your kit including shorts, house t-shirt and trainers.

Sports Day is on Friday 15th June


Mrs Rawlings, Mrs Goucher and Miss Burke