Star Learner


Jack Fisher 6S

Congratulations to Jack, who is named as Star Learner because he consistently works hard and he has also been sent to show Mr Grosvenor his excellent work on five occasions this year. What a Star!

“Maya oh Maya – what a busy term!”

Year 5

Welcome everyone to Term 5!

P.E. will continue to be on a Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday’s session will be Gymnastics with Mrs Cowgill, in the hall, and we aim to be outside on Thursday’s for Athletics. Please ensure that you have the appropriate clothing for these days.


Most of our learning in English this term will be working on a film narrative. Using an animation (The Piano), we will be exploring how characters are presented; understanding dramatic conventions and  recording our ideas, reflections and predictions. We will be writing new scenes and characters for the story. We will be focusing on using paragraphs to organise and develop details.

We will also be polishing our SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills each week, looking at:

-Fronted adverbials (Later that day, the boy heard some amazing news)

-The present perfect tense (He has gone out to play)

Relative, subordinate and embedded clauses 

Please see our reading and writing targets below.



* I can learn and recite a range of poems from memory.


** I can summarise a book that I have read in detail.

I will use extracts from the book to help.


*** I can a range of book genre including:

1.        Fiction

2.       Non-fiction

3.       Poetry

4.       Fables

5.       Plays


* I can identify, use and apply fronted adverbials.



** I can identify, use and apply the present perfect tense. *** I can identify relative, subordinate and embedded clauses and use them in my writing.


In maths we are continuing to revise strategies for multiplication and division and will be applying this to solve word problems. We will be measuring and drawing angles and use this information to calculate missing angles.  We will continue to work with fractions, relating our knowledge of factors, multiples and times tables. As the unit unfolds, we will progress to translating fractions into percentages and working our percentages of amounts.

Brain Teaser 

25% of ‘flowers’ in a garden are in fact weeds. There are 68 ‘flowers’.

How many weeds are there?


* I can interpret and answer word problems. ** I can give reasons for my answer, using mathematical vocabulary.

(Greater than, less than, compared to, product, total, multiple and factor etc.)

*** I can identify errors and use my knowledge correct them.


In Humanities we are excited to be learning all about the Maya, their civilisation and lifestyle. We will be exploring how Maya lived, their beliefs, the food they ate and their number system.

In science this term we will be learning about habitats, animals, plants and their life cycles. We will compare the length of different life cycles and take a few trips to the playscape to learn more about the life in our pond!

It’s beaters at the ready in Music this term as we return to the glockenspiels.  With a different tune to learn each week, we will be getting to grips with musical notation and developing an understanding of music through patterns and chords.

On your marks, get set, GO!  We will be taking to the athletics track this term as we look to develop our athletic techniques and work on our fitness.  It is our goal to show continued and repeated improvements each week and we will battle to run faster, jump further and throw longer.

In R.E we are learning about moral choices.  We will discover how we can learn from religious tellings in order to make better moral choices.

In P.S.H.E we are thinking about thinking, positive thinking in fact.  It is really important to have the right attitude towards everything that we do so let’s banish ‘I can’t’ and say hello to ‘I can’.  

In Computing we will be looking at blogging as a form of communication. We will be writing our own and commenting on other blogs.

In French in term 5 we will be adding to the range of colours we know, discovering the word list for the 2016 Languages Festival at Norton Hill School (coming up in term 6) and innovating on a familiar story to practise our food vocabulary skills. Please have a look at the BBC Primary languages website for games and songs!

Homework and spellings will continue to be set on a Monday and collected in/tested on Friday. Children should also be reading at home every  evening and please show your support by signing the reading record book 3 times a week.

Mr Smith and Miss Burke

Online times tables games to help support children at home: