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Liyah Easterlow 3G

Congratulations to Liyah, who was chosen as Star Learner because she had written some superb similes inspired by our visit from author, Jeremy Strong. Well done Liyah!

Year 5 Page!

Welcome back after February half term holiday. Our first week back, in year five, has been a fantastic one with the children being immersed in books and related activities during our Book Week. Meeting the famous author Jeremy Strong was certainly a highlight of the week for many children especially listening to his tales of how he gains inspiration to write and being able to have personal copies of his book signed. It was a joy to see so many children so keen to gain an insight into his work and life by enthusiastically asking him questions. Many children have told us that they plan to read more of his books which is great. Book club will hopefully be able to obtain more titles after selling out before half term! Many other activities during the week enthused the children and celebrated a love of reading such as designing their own book jacket for their own story linked to The One Hundred Mile An Hour Dog, creating a retelling of My Mum’s Going To Explode using the IPad and becoming superheroes themselves in stories inspired by Cartoon Kid.

Thank you to all the parents and carers for helping the children dress as a book character; the children looked incredible. A further thankyou for coming to share the children’s work on Friday after school. There was a real sense of pride amongst the children as they explained their creations. If you were unable to pop in, please encourage the children to guide you through the images and audio clips below.








Check out the audiobook that 5H made based on Jeremy Strong’s ‘My Mum is going to explode’.

My Mum is going to explode – The Audiobook


5H also wrote a song for Jeremy Strong. They were lucky enough to perform it for him live. He has promised to put it up on his website – watch this space!


Looking further into this term, we have our camp week at Mill on the Brue which will be a fantastic experience for us all. Our literacy and ICT topics use this experience to inspire the creation of adverts using movie maker software. Literacy continues the theme of persuasive writing and delves into other persuasive writing such as letters of complaint. In numeracy we revisit angles and related puzzles we further our concept of fractions and start finding equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages and fractions of numbers, we will also continue to further refine our mental strategies for the 4 operations.


In science we look at changing state and explore evaporation and condensation further. In geography, we study rivers considering the related vocabulary and terms such as tributary or estuary. In PE, swimming continues and we are very fortunate to have Mr Phillips, an experienced sports coach, in to lead football on a Thursday. Please ensure children have warm clothes for this session (tracksuit bottoms, sweaters, coats, even gloves and hats if it’s very cold) as we will aim to be outside each week unless very wet. A carrier bag for muddy trainers is also advised. In art we are studying the work of Ben Nicholson and creating our own relief sculpture, in RE we are considering moral choices and in music we are using glockenspiels to help explore rhythm and tune.

In term 5 in French we will be honing our alphabet skills by timing ourselves on this year’s spelling bee list. The aim is to spell as many words as possible in one minute, all in French including the punctuation. It will need plenty of practice – last year’s year 5 set the bar high! This year’s theme is ‘En ville’, 20 place names to remember. Bonne chance!        bee randomiser en ville



Homework continues with the same routines as the previous terms. Thankyou to all parents who help their children to develop good habits with homework and thankyou to those parents who comment in both reading records and orange homework books.

Term 4 Week 3.

In maths this week, we have been learning about triangles and lines of symmetry. Have a go at playing these games at home and improving your skills! – Triangle sorting - Finding lines of symmetry - Finding lines of symmetry


Targets for Terms 3 and 4 


* (Target 1)I can use a range of sentence openers to make my writing more interesting to the reader (e.g verb and adverb starters) ** (Target 2)I can bring my writing to life by using well-chosen adjectives and adverbs to create interest.  *** (Target 3)I can use commas effectively at all times:1-   Within a list2-   As a pair of commas as  parentheses (e.g The suitcase, which was very heavy, slid across the floor.)3-   Within direct speech


* (Target 1)I can read at least three times a week at home and gain three parent comments or signatures as proof of this.   ** (Target 2)I can comment on the writer’s choice of words. E.g. ‘disgraceful’ is a good word to use to show he is upset. AF5   *** (Target 3)To recognise features that are genre specific when reading.E.g. ‘The time travelling machine’ suggests this is science fiction.


* Target 1I can interpret timetables that use 24 hour clock notation. 
** (Target 2)I can order a mixed set of numbers with up to three decimal places.

*** (Target 3)

I can use the formula length x width = area

And solve area related puzzles.



Mrs Suchecki, Mrs Pearson and Mr Hawkings


Online times tables games to help support children at home: