Star Learner


Lauren from 5B

Congratulations to Lauren who has been chosen as Star Learner for always showing an excellent attitude to learning. She has also been a real asset at Top Trumps Club by helping younger children to learn the game. Well done Lauren!


Who Let The Greeks Out ?


This term we will be looking at a range of poems identifying the different styles and features as well as making comparisons across them. We will also be reading different Greek Myths. We will retell the story, use innovation and develop a character through the use of dialogue. As a class we will be reading ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ by Maz Evans which will link with our Ancient Greece theme for this term.

This term there will be no formal spelling homework or weekly. Spellings will be taught in school writing lessons and linked to editing and dictionary skills.  Guided reading sessions will continue daily where children will be practicing reading comprehensions skills, critical thinking and sentence structure.


     Year 5                   Reading Targets              Terms 1 & 2

* (Target 1)

I can comment on the writer’s use of language for effect; identifying adjectives and similes.


** (Target 2)

I can comment on the writer’s use of language for effect; identifying metaphors and personification.

*** (Target 3)

I can identify how a character feels and explain their actions using evidence from the text.


Year 5                      Writing Targets           Terms 1 & 2

* (Target 1)

I can include metaphors to create poems and narrative.

** (Target 2)

I can write using personification to develop poems and narrative.


*** (Target 3)

I can develop a character through action and dialogue.

 (direct and indirect speech)


Do you know the value of each digit in 56721.98 ? Which is greater ? 45670 +3294  or 54721 +2999?

In our maths we will learn how to solve these questions; about the Place Value of digits, including tenths and hundredths.Also, read, write, compare and order 5-digit numbers and use < and >signs; add and subtract multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 to and from 5-digit numbers;as well as use written addition to add two 4 or 5-digit numbers.

Problem Solving and reasoning will be a weekly feature in our lessons. Children will be encouraged to work systematically through a puzzle or investigation, spot patterns and explain their method.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to revise converting 12-hour clock times to 24-hour clock times; find a time a given number of minutes or hours and minutes later; calculate time intervals using 24-hour clock format; measure lengths in mm and convert to cm; find perimeters in cm and convert cm to m.


Year 5                   Maths Targets           Terms 1 & 2

* (Target 1)

I can multiply and divide a 2 place decimal number by 10,100 and 1000.


** (Target 2)

I can order 2 place decimal numbers by using < less than

>greater than

*** (Target 3)

I can position 2 place decimal numbers on a number line.


Ἀσπάζομαι or welcome in Ancient Greek!  This term we will be transporting ourselves back in time to learn all about daily life and what it was like to live in Ancient Greece.  Will we decide it would be better to live in Athens or Sparta? Over this term, we will become super scientists, looking at materials and whether they can be dissolved in water.  Can we successfully separate materials using filtering, sieving and evaporation?  Fair testing will be used and we will demonstrate that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible.
Watch out England Rugby!  Year 5 will become confident in the game of tag rugby and will know how to play fairly using many skills confidently.  In gymnastics we will be practicing our rolls, balancing and using apparatus.
Calling all gamers! Computing will see us learning to develop our skills in Scratch and plan, design and make our own game using successful algorithms.

Bonjour! In French we will be learning how to say our birthdays – Mrs Tidbury’s birthday is ‘le 14 août’. Can you guess what it is? What can you work out about how French birthdays are said? We will also discover how some French children have two ‘birthdays’ and listen to a new French story, ‘Les trois cabris’.

PE Kit should be in school everyday.

PE lessons are on Wednesday and Thursday.