Star Learner


Bradley Field 6P

Congratulations to Bradley, who was chosen as Star Learner not only because he produced an excellent piece of writing entitled 'What is Gravity?' but also due to the fact that he has been sent to Mr Grosvenor's office eleven times to show good work. Well done Bradley!

Year 5

Welcome everyone to Term 5! We thoroughly enjoyed our first day back visiting Somervale Secondary School. It was exciting to see what life at secondary school was like.

The main change for this term is that P.E.  will be on a Monday and a Thursday.  We aim to be outside on both of these days so it will be a good idea to ensure you have appropriate clothing on these days.


Most of our learning in English this term will be working on film narative. Using a clip, ‘The Piano’ we will be exploring how characters are presented, understanding dramatic conventions and  recording ideas, reflections and predictions. We will be writing new scenes or characters into a story, in the manner of the writer, whilst focusing on using paragraphs to organise and develop details. Please see our reading and writing targets below.



* I can recall specific information from a text and have a clear idea of where to look for information. ** I can make inferences (like best guesses) based on evidence from different points in the text. *** I can develop an explanation of inferred meanings drawing on evidence across the text – I can read between the lines.



* I can use time connectives (e.g firstly, after, next) to link sentences. ** I can use subordinating connectives: if, when because throughout a piece of text. *** I can use a wide range of connectives to show a relationship between ideas e.g.; therefore, meanwhile, although.


In maths we are continuing to revise strategies for multiplication and division and will be applying this to solve word problems. We will be learning about different geometric properties of shape as well as being able to use co-ordinates in the first quadrant. Later in the term we will be translating shapes and describing their positions in the first quadrant.



* I can interpret and answer one step word problems. ** I can interpret and answer 2 step word problems. *** I can interpret and answer multi-step problems with different units.


In Humanities we are excited to be learning all about the Mayans, their civilisation and lifestyle. We will be exploring how the people lived, their beliefs, the food they ate and their number system.

We loved learning about space last term. We had so many questions and couldn’t have timed the eclipse better. We were very impressed with the children’s space homework and their ability to describe the partial eclipse. Well done Year 5! Although we are sad to complete this topic we have yet to look forward to a special vistitor in the next few weeks!

This term we will be learning about habitats, animals plants and their life cycles. Comparing the length of different life cycles and taking a few trips to the playscape to learn more about the life in our pond!

In Music we will be exploring different musical processes. Listening to different pieces of music and comparing their pulse, rhythm and tone.

In P.E. we will be working on our hand eye coordination in Tennis. We will be developing our accuracy and working on forehand and backhand skills.

In R.E we are learning about special writings. Comparing the writings of different religions, how they are kept and treated as well as thinking about what is special to us and how we look after things that are special to us.

In P.S.H.E we are thinking about relationships and how we cope with getting on and falling out.

In Computing we will be looking at blogging as a form of communication. Writing our own and commenting on other blogs.

In French in term 5 we will be adding to the range of colours we know, discovering the word list for the 2015 Languages Festival at Norton Hill School (coming up in term 6) and innovating on a familiar story to practise our food vocabulary skills. Please have a look at the BBC Primary languages website for games and songs!

Homework and spellings will continue to be set on a Monday and collected in/tested on Friday. Children should also be reading at home every  evening and please show your support by signing the reading record book 3 times a week.

Mrs Walker, Miss Anderson and Mrs Brown

Online times tables games to help support children at home: