Star Learner


Rosie from 4PM

A huge well done to Rosie, who has been chosen as Star Learner. She has a fantastic attitude to learning and to all aspects of school life. She is a wonderful example of the Perfect Paulton Pupil. What a smiley superstar. Congratulations Rosie!



TIMES TABLES –  Learn off by heart, all the times tables and related division facts ready for a mini quiz on Friday. Use the website links on School website -Parent – Help with Maths.


This term we will be focussing on persuasive writing in English.  To begin with, we will identify the main features of persuasive text and where and why persuasive writing can be found.
As the term progresses, the children will begin to create their own arguments for a variety of issues.  This will then link to our topic of rainforests and we will be producing a persuasive piece of writing to argue against deforestation.  This will include reasoning behind why the rainforests need to be protected as well as pulling together our knowledge of the features of persuasive writing.

REMEMBER … Reading at home is part of the weekly homework. It is expected that in Year 5, all children should be reading at least 3 x per week. Please complete the reading record book.

Additional reading tasks can  be accessed on    Use your password to access the comprehension activities. Keep earning your points by answering the multiple choice questions

In spelling lessons, we will be practicing  and  supporting spelling by providing strategies to learn rules or check and edit work using a dictionary.Below are links to the National Curriculum spelling lists of words, that all children are expected to spell by the end of Key Stage 2.


     Year 5                   Reading Targets              Terms 


Year 5                      Writing Targets        Terms




Year 5                   Maths Targets          Terms 



Where are the rainforests in the World? The children will be identifying and locating them on a World map and then focusing upon The Amazon Rainforest. They will be researching about the diverse environment of animal and plant life. Can we save the rainforests? We will be debating in English and linking it to our Geography learning.

In Art, we will study the artist Henri Rousseau’s painting style as in the painting, ‘Surprised’. We will evaluate his style and give opinions and reasons for liking or disliking it. Over the weeks, the children will observe and sketch various trees and leaves to build up skills that will eventually help them to design a printing block and print on fabric. Sewing skills will also be developed and pupils will practice many stitches before adding decoration to their fabric print.

In Science, the children will study Habitats of plant and animal life. We will visit the playscape and the pond to discover the various habitats and how life has adapted to living in these environments and climate.

We’ll also be finding out about Blogging in Computing and Singing Motown Hits!

PE – Tennis  or Basketball outside      Thursday – Athletics

Please bring in your kit including shorts, t-shirt and trainers  If it is cold, please have warm outdoor clothing.


Mrs Rawlings, Mrs Goucher and Miss Burke