Star Learner


Rose from 6B

A huge well done to Rose who has been chosen as Star Learner. She has already been to Mr Grosvenor's office, to show her good work, three times this term. She was also part of the triumphant Paulton Junior School Netball Team who won the Midsomer Norton and District Games Association Netball Tournament. Congratulations Rose!


May the force be with you!


This term we will be using the book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo to cover our topic, Stories from other cultures. The children will be writing diary entries, letters, persuasive writing and play scripts using the characters from the book. There will be a focus on the different punctuation which can be used within these styles of writing.

The spellings will continue to be taught in school writing lessons and linked to editing and dictionary skills. There will be a focus on plurals and hyphens with this terms spellings.  Guided reading sessions will continue daily where children will be practicing reading comprehensions skills, critical thinking and sentence structure. The targets will be continued to focus on using specific fiction books.


     Year 5                   Reading Targets              Terms 1 & 2

* (Target 1)

I can comment on the writer’s use of language for effect; identifying adjectives and similes.


** (Target 2)

I can comment on the writer’s use of language for effect; identifying metaphors and personification.

*** (Target 3)

I can identify how a character feels and explain their actions using evidence from the text.


Year 5                      Writing Targets           Terms 1 & 2

* (Target 1)

I can include metaphors to create poems and narrative.

** (Target 2)

I can write using personification to develop poems and narrative.


*** (Target 3)

I can develop a character through action and dialogue.

 (direct and indirect speech)


Do you know the value of each digit in 56721.98 ? Which is greater ? 45670 +3294  or 54721 +2999?

In our maths we will learn how to solve these questions; about the Place Value of digits, including tenths and hundredths.Also, read, write, compare and order 5-digit numbers and use < and >signs; add and subtract multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 to and from 5-digit numbers;as well as use written addition to add two 4 or 5-digit numbers.

Problem Solving and reasoning will be a weekly feature in our lessons. Children will be encouraged to work systematically through a puzzle or investigation, spot patterns and explain their method.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to revise converting 12-hour clock times to 24-hour clock times; find a time a given number of minutes or hours and minutes later; calculate time intervals using 24-hour clock format; measure lengths in mm and convert to cm; find perimeters in cm and convert cm to m.


Year 5                   Maths Targets           Terms 1 & 2

* (Target 1)

I can multiply and divide a 2 place decimal number by 10,100 and 1000.


** (Target 2)

I can order 2 place decimal numbers by using < less than

>greater than

*** (Target 3)

I can position 2 place decimal numbers on a number line.


Coming soon….

In term 2 we will be learning to use the alphabet in French. It’s a brilliant way to practise French sounds and a very important skill if you are visiting a French-speaking country. It’s not at all easy to spell using another set of sounds and vocabulary but we will be looking for ways in which it can help us with our spelling skills in English.  We will also be learning a French song for Christmas. Joyeux Noël!

PE Kit should be in school everyday.

Year 5 are swimming this term on a Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure the correct kit it brought in, including a swimming hat (they can be bought from the pool for £2 if needed).

Thursday will be outdoor doing Football.