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Year 5

Welcome everyone to Term 6!

P.E will continue to be on a Monday and Thursday this term. We aim to be outside on both of these days, so please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing in school on these days.



Most of our learning in English this term will be looking at the features of myths, legends, fables and different versions of stories.

In term 5 the children really enjoyed using the Piano by Aidan Gibbons. The children have produced fantastic pieces of work in drama and in their books.

We will be continuing to work toward our targets.

Please see our reading and writing targets below.



* I can recall specific information from a text and have a clear idea of where to look for information. ** I can make inferences (like best guesses) based on evidence from different points in the text. *** I can develop an explanation of inferred meanings drawing on evidence across the text – I can read between the lines.



* I can use time connectives (e.g firstly, after, next) to link sentences. ** I can use subordinating connectives: if, when because throughout a piece of text. *** I can use a wide range of connectives to show a relationship between ideas e.g.; therefore, meanwhile, although.


In maths we are continuing to revise strategies for multiplication and division and will be applying this to solve word problems. We will be using written methods to work out answers to word problems. All children will continue to work towards their maths targets.




* I can interpret and answer one step word problems. ** I can interpret and answer 2 step word problems. *** I can interpret and answer multi-step problems with different units.


In Humanities we will continue to learn  about the Mayans, their civilisation and lifestyle. We will be exploring how the people lived, their beliefs, the food they ate and their number system.

In term 6 we will contiue learning about habitats, animals plants and their life cycles. Comparing the length of different life cycles and taking a few trips to the playscape to learn more about the life in our pond!

In Music we will be exploring different musical processes. Listening to different pieces of music and comparing their pulse, rhythm and tone.

In P.E. we will be working on our hand eye coordination in Golf. We will be developing our accuracy and working on our bowling skills in cricket.

In R.E we are learning about parables and the moral behind these stories. We will be working hard to write our own parable with a moral.

In P.S.H.E we are exploring the risk involved in different situations.

In Computing we will be looking at a programme called ‘sketch up’ and the children will be able to create simple art gallery spaces and add furniture to create their own design. The children really enjoyed being ‘bloggers’ in term 5 and they have produced a lovely blog.

In French in term 6 we will be polishing up our French spelling skills for the Spelling Bee competition at the Norton Hill Languages Festival on Wednesday 1st July.  Mme Collier always looks after us very well and we enjoy celebrating languages with year 5 children from other schools. Norton Hill has kindly provided a coach so there will be no cost to us; we will leave from Paulton and be back in time for the end of the day. Everyone from year 5 will go to support the spelling team and enjoy fun language workshops.

After the competition we will be looking at creating posters for one of France’s most popular drinks, Orangina!

Homework and spellings will continue to be set on a Monday and collected in/tested on Friday. Children should also be reading at home every  evening and please show your support by signing the reading record book 3 times a week.

Miss Anderson, Mrs Brown and Mrs Tidbury.

Online times tables games to help support children at home: