Star Learner


Lauren from 5B

Congratulations to Lauren who has been chosen as Star Learner for always showing an excellent attitude to learning. She has also been a real asset at Top Trumps Club by helping younger children to learn the game. Well done Lauren!

 Term 5

Mya oh Mya oh Mya!

Welcome to Term 5 – Information regarding homework and spellings is at the bottom of this page.


We are starting to put the finishing touches to our writing skills this term as we write about The Piano – A heart rending tale of old man’s voyage through his past.


In Maths we will be grappling with long-multiplication, frolicking with fractions and dicing with decimals as we continue to develop our understanding of relationships between numbers. We are also going to be exploring shape: the translation and reflection of 2D shapes and the properties of 3D shapes.


What did the Ancient Maya Civilisation do for us?  What did they invent? What did they eat? How did they worship? These are only a few of the questions we will be looking to answer in the coming terms, as we exploring The Maya Civilisation.

In our science lessons we will be investigating life processes and habitats, focussing on the life cycles of flowering and non-flowering plants; amphibians and birds.

In PE we are developing our stamina and fitness as we seek to improve our Quad kids scores.  In week 3 we will be embarking on a SWIMATHON so remember your swimming kit for Wednesday. We will also be working in the gym to develop different jumps and rotations; putting together sequences and routines.

In French we are getting ready for the annual French Spelling Bee.  This year’s theme is le grand bleu – The Ocean.




I can learn and recite a range of poems from memory. 


I can summarise a book that I have read in detail.

I will use extracts from the book to help.

*** TARGET 3

I can make comparisons within and across and range of books.


* I can identify, use and apply fronted adverbials.



** I can identify relative, subordinate and embedded clauses and use them in my writing. ***I can use high level punctuation (e.g. :  ;  …) for effect and to join clauses.


* I can identify the correct operation(s) to answer word problems. ** I can identify and use the correct operation(s) in order to accurately solve words problems. *** I can give reasons for my answer using mathematical vocabulary.

(Greater than, less than, compared to, product, total, multiple and factor etc.)


Homework and spellings will continue to be set on a Monday and collected in/tested on Friday. Children should also be reading at home every evening and please show your support by signing the reading record book 3 times a week.

PE continues to be on Tuesday and Thursday. however it is always best to keep PE kit in school for the duration of the week incase of clubs or any last minute changes.

Mr Smith and Miss Burke

Online times tables games to help support children at home: