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After School Clubs

Children at Paulton Junior School have an un-rivaled choice when it comes to clubs to join.

There are currently 40 clubs to chose from run by both staff and pupils; all are overseen by Miss Burke.

One of the privileges of being in Year 6 is that the pupils are given the opportunity to organise lunchtime clubs for their fellow students. This proves to be very popular with a huge variety of clubs running to suit many interests.

PLEASE make sure your child attends ALL the sessions that they have signed up to. Many staff and Y6 children have given up their time and offered their expertise and enthusiasm to enable us to offer such a wide variety of FREE clubs. A huge amount of time and resources goes into offering children this opportunity. If your child is not attending a club for any reason you MUST inform the office (either by note or phone call) so that we can avoid spending a considerable amount of time trying to find them at the end of the day. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.