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Our School Values and Ethos

Learning Together, Learning For Life

Welcome to Paulton Junior School, where our foundation is built upon the guiding principles of the 6 Rs – Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflection, and Reasoning. These values form the very core of our school's ethos, shaping an environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also personal growth and character development. At our school, we believe in instilling a profound sense of Respect for oneself, others, and the world around us, coupled with a deep sense of Responsibility for our actions. Our emphasis on Resilience encourages students to overcome challenges and setbacks with strength and determination, while Resourcefulness equips them with the skills to navigate an ever-changing world. Through regular Reflection, we promote self-awareness and continuous improvement. Finally, fostering the ability to use Reasoning helps to prepare our children for a life-long learning journey.  Their capacity to solve problems and work collaboratively, alongside the ability to explain themselves efficiently, will set our young learners on the road to a positive and fulfilling future.  Together, these 6 Rs serve as the guiding compass that defines our school's values and paves the way for a holistic and enriching educational journey. 

At Paulton Junior School we are Learning Together and Learning for Life.







Our aims

Children, their needs and interests, are at the heart of school communities. Whilst there are features in educational provision and school buildings which are common to all schools, individual establishments have a unique nature. This uniqueness is to be found in the people - children and adults - who work there, and in the care and respect they show each other, in their attitude to the tasks they perform, and what they see as valuable. The actions and attitudes of each member of the community - child and adult - affect the quality of life within the school, the achievement of its aims, and the effectiveness of its work.

Our school offers each child a broad general education, developing individual skills and talents so that every child may achieve the best of which he or she is capable. At the same time, we aim to give the children a strong and clear sense of their own worth. We create a sympathetic climate, which allows everyone within our school to celebrate the success of others and provide caring support when needed. Children are expected, however young, to take the degree of responsibility appropriate to their stage of maturity, for themselves, for others, and for their environment. Within this framework, we aim:-

  • To keep children's learning at the heart of all our thoughts and actions.
  • To provide the opportunity for all our children to achieve academic excellence

within a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • To create an ethos which nurtures self-belief, independence and a sense of

respect for others

  • To ensure that our school is a happy, safe, supportive and secure place

in which to learn.

  • To create a stimulating learning environment.
  • To develop strong and productive partnerships with parents and the

wider school community

  • To have high expectations in all areas of school life.
  • To prepare children for the future by being confident individuals and responsible citizens.